martedì 29 giugno 2010



Another DIY made this afternoon before this shooting! I've this pair of jeans since 2005 and I haven't used them so much! I've modified them as a pair of shorts and restyled the pockets cutting them and adding some studs! What do you think about the outcome?


I've matched this shorts with this shirt in order to create a contrast between the studs and the silky texture of the shirt! I really like this mix, it represents my personality!



sabato 26 giugno 2010



Quick post just to show you how lovely is this bracelet! I'm totally in love with it!



martedì 22 giugno 2010



I'm going to introduce you the second way to wear a Panama (you can find the first way here!). This time I've matched it with a casual look; this denim pants were, in reality, a pair of bell-bottoms! I've just modified them! I really love them just because they have high waist (Could I say it? Please, help me improve my English! :D) I've combined this pants with a large-size t-shirt bought from Zara and the lovely heels!
There are a lot of news I would like to talk you about! (the first news is the graphic of Sheisagnie! Do you like this one?) But you have to stay tuned to know more about :D
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lunedì 21 giugno 2010



As I've said in the last post, I'm going to introduce you the last items I've bought from Zara! Sometimes I allow myself a shopping afternoon as Wednesday's one! I've been to Zara and immediately I've fallen in love with this shorts which have got this romantic texture that I really like. It's been a long time I was looking for a pair of shorts of this type! Finally I've got it! :D
I've worn them with a one-party t-shirt which underlines the beauty of the shorts!
Pertain to the bag: I didn't buy it, it was my grandmum's one and it belongs to 70s (someone has asked me about it!)! I don't think you could have it! :D





I would like to recall you that the first item which you can buy is online on SHEISAGNIEONLINESHOP! Hurry up and purchase it! :D

giovedì 17 giugno 2010



Hey readers! This period is so hard for me! I have to do a lot of things and think about some projects which I have to organize! As always I try to do the best in order to be successful! :D
However yesterday I've allowed myself  a shopping afternoon with Mattia and I've bought some items which you'll see in other posts! I've also choose the giveaway for you (ONLY FOR BLOGLOVIN FOLLOWERS!) so hurry up and follow me with B L O G L O V I N '  and you'll be able to win the giveaway! :D
The weather is sunny here and yesterday I've worn a dress mades up of light floral texture which is matched with the Summer! Finally I've found a Panama (I'm totally in love with it!) which costs on 14,90 and it is by Zara!
I hope I'll be able to write as soon as possible in spite of this hard period! :D
riodo! :D




martedì 15 giugno 2010


Summer time

These photos have been taken on Saturday during a lovely afternoon spent with Mattia. The scenery was amazing, the sunset was just beginning and there was a incredible play of lights which allowed us to take great pictures. This denim salopette was perfect and combined with the country scenery. There isn't something else to say, this pictures speak! :D




Tomorrow I will inaugurate the Sheisagnie!'s online shop! As soon as possible I will publish the link of the site! Stay tuned for more informations!
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sabato 12 giugno 2010



I'm writing this post in order to thank you for your support!

Thanks to your votes I'm still in the Levi's feat. Lostinfashion's classification! There are only two weeks to win once and for all and then the winners will be committed to make a video but I don't know the main theme yet! Please, continue to vote here the denim look but surely I'll organize another shoot about denim! For the moment keep a check on the classification; as you can see there's also my sister Luciana of JesuisElle: she is amazing! I would recommend you to vote also for her! :D
There is also another novelty about Sheisagnie!. The "Gipsy time" 's look has been chosen as Look Of The Day on the Italian Fashion Bloggers' website! I would be grateful to you and the comments written!
With this post I want also to be officially grateful with my boyfriend. He is the one who takes pictures about me everytime that I want and he is so patient with me and my cynicism! (I know you're reading, you're lovely!). He is improving photo after photo and that's great! So, congratulate my boufriend on his talent as photographer! :D
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Thank you!


mercoledì 9 giugno 2010



I feel good when I'm able to express my creativity through clothes I wear. The floreal dress which you see in this post is, in reality, a long ethnic skirt bought in a ethnic shop. When I saw this skirt I immediately felt in love with its pattern which I thought so romantic! But I hold the view that it's too long for me and I've reinvented the skirt making a short dress. Perhaps you've alredy seen this dress in this post. :Disto questo vestito in questo post.

Floreal afternoon 004

Floreal afternoon 005

Floreal afternoon 003

In the next post I'll show some stuffs bought during this day and I hope you'll love them! I would like to recommend you to follow this blog with Bloglovin'. I have only 24 followers but when I'll have 100 followers I'll give you a little present! :) So come on and let's follow Sheisagnie! :D

This look was inspired by a hippie idea of Luna Simoncini. Visit her blog!

martedì 8 giugno 2010


Today I've been able to take pictures with my boyfriend in a wood near the Adriatic. The summer finally appears to be arrived! :D Today it was so hot and I've been able to wear this dress (which remembers the Fairies' world for its veiled straps) combined with this lace-up sandals.




I want to thank you for the support and thanks for voting me for the Levi's contest! If you haven't voted you should do it here! :D

venerdì 4 giugno 2010


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Sorry for my absence, I've been busy all the week because of the last oral test at school! Today I would like to introduce you the Levi's contest in which I'm taking part! In order to win I should share on the Facebook Board of the group some pictures about me wearing denim stuff! After all is said and done Paola of Lost in Fashion feat. Levi's will choose the best six denim bloggers. For the moment I'm one the blogger chosen by Levi's, but I need more votes to win conclusively.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you want to help me to win this contest, please write a comment under this picture! Thank you to support me, you're fantastic! :D

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