domenica 25 aprile 2010


Unfortunately I've spent this week-end studying Immanuel Kant and I haven't taken pics about me. I can't wait for Summer time, I'll be able to refresh this online-diary everyday proposing you new outfits! :D Today I would like to propose you a denim look of the last month.

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I totally fell in love with this denim jacket. It wasn't mine; it belonged to a friend of mine who gave it to me as a present. :D It belongs to 90s, the period in which the denim jacket was a "must have".
I've matched it with a simply black dress, à-pois thights and black heels :D And this is the bad I've combined with this outfit!

However I've created a facebook fan page in order to follow my blog. You can enjoy the page and suggest it to you friends HERE.

9 commenti:

  1. You look really great. I mean... you have THE most amazing hair. I am thinking about doing a blog about my favourite bloggers. I think I will include you :)
    - Adele


  2. nice jacket you looks cute
    and you bag is also cool
    have a great day

  3. Ricordo d'aver studiato Kant alla fine del quarto anno del liceo e che così, ad impatto, non mi piaceva proprio per niente! Riprendendolo in quinta, meno male, la mia considerazione per lui è riscresciuta!
    Scusa questa divagazione, è che sono sommersi mille ricordi quando ho letto di kant qui nel tuo post :-)

  4. Mi piace l'idea del denim con quelle calze stupende!

  5. Thank you al guys! You're always lovely :D

    @Adele: I'll be glad to take part @ your blog :D Thank you!

    @Nathalie: Non mi ha appassionata più di tanto Kant, ma per fortuna lo trovo facile rispetto altri filosofi :D

  6. stupende le calze a pois io le ho anche chiare*_*